French Curriculum Sample Pages

Download teaching aids and sample pages from Nallenart French Curriculum.

L’Art de dire

Download L’Art de dire Sample Pages

L’Art de dire is Nallenart’s French program for pre-readers in grades K-3. Read more about L’Art de dire here.

Buy L’Art de dire as a downloadable product.

L’Art de lire

Download L’Art de lire Scope and Sequence Summary

L’Art de lire is for students who are reading well in English and ready to start learning French. Read more information about the first level of L’Art de lire here.

Get All Six Levels of L’Art de lire as a downloadable product.

L’Art de lire Sample Pages are available as themed workpages below.

Download French Phonics Reference Chart

Download Teaching French: Seminar Handout

Download Avoir Workpages: Sample Pages*

Download La Nourriture Workpages: Sample Pages*

Download Les Transports Workpages: Sample Pages*

L’Art d’écrire

Download L’Art d’écrire Sample Pages

L’Art d’écrire is Nallenart’s high school French program, and follows the Ontario, Canada curriculum guideines. Students should have finished L’Art de lire or the equivalent of Ontario Grade 8.

Get L’Art d’écrire as a downloadable product.

* Themed Workpages books contain lessons from the six levels of L’Art de lire and are a good sampling of what the program contains. Note: Books in the Workpages series are available here under LIRE/Workpages.

Levels can be purchased separately at our shop.

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