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Why don’t you include detailed French lesson plans?

Occasionally I am asked why I don’t include detailed French lesson plans with L’Art de lire.

My observation is that the more complicated something is, the less likely people are to use it. That is why I have kept lesson planning simple and totally at the discretion of the teacher.

There is a twelve step lesson guideline page at the beginning of L’Art de lire 1. This brief overview is enough to get you started working through the book and using the teaching aids.

Use the vocabulary, audio, and story to introduce each unit.

Do the exercises in the workbook.

Use the flashcards, story, and audio to review.

It is as simple as that. If you have more time, do exercises and more review. If you have a little time, just read the story, listen to the story again, or review the flashcards. Continue reading

Troubleshooting Access Difficulties

“Help! I can’t access my downloads!”

Having trouble?
Use these questions to see how to solve access difficulties. These issues refer specifically to items purchased using the former French Curriculum Club links, and not the shop links which have replaced them.

Are you logged in?
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Are you using the same email address with Paypal?
If you create your account and login with Nallenart using one email address, and use a different email address with Paypal, our software will not recognize you as the owner of the product. You must login with the same email in both places. If it is too late, and you are having trouble, let me know and I will reassign your access manually.

Are you using Internet Explorer?
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Membership FAQ

How does The Curriculum Club at Nallenart benefit my school or homeschool?

Cost Savings

The most obvious benefit of The French Curriculum Club as a resource delivery system is its cost savings to your school or family. You pay for access to downloadable resources which you are then free to use for the duration of your subscription. You may reproduce work pages, listen to mp3 audio files, download slideshows and podcasts, and equip your students at a much lower cost than purchasing consumable workbooks every year. There are also no shipping and handling fees.

Instant Access

In addition to low cost, The Nallenart Curriculum Club offers you the convenience of instant access to your curriculum and teaching aids. Simply login and begin to prepare your lessons.

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L’Art de lire FAQ

I don’t know French myself, can I teach my child using your program?

Yes, you can! L’Art de lire is designed to be easy to use. The lessons begin with the most basic concepts. The audio files walk the child right through the book, giving him or her opportunity to hear and repeat the words and phrases that are taught. The unique “story” approach makes the lessons fun and develops confidence by giving students a sensitivity to the flow of the language. Many homeschooling parents have written me to say that their children are “teaching themselves” using L’Art de lire. It is that easy to use!

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