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How does The Curriculum Club at Nallenart benefit my school or homeschool?

Cost Savings

The most obvious benefit of The French Curriculum Club as a resource delivery system is its cost savings to your school or family. You pay for access to downloadable resources which you are then free to use for the duration of your subscription. You may reproduce work pages, listen to mp3 audio files, download slideshows and podcasts, and equip your students at a much lower cost than purchasing consumable workbooks every year. There are also no shipping and handling fees.

Instant Access

In addition to low cost, The Nallenart Curriculum Club offers you the convenience of instant access to your curriculum and teaching aids. Simply login and begin to prepare your lessons.

Environmentally Responsible

The electronic delivery system at is an environmentally responsible solution to providing workpages for your students. Simply reproduce the pages that you require for each student. Not everyone needs an entire workbook with tables of contents, etc. Fewer pages printed, along with the elimination of parcel delivery, lowers the environmental impact of your school and models good stewardship of resources.

Control Over Course Content

Choosing the pages you print also allows you to choose the content that is made available to your students. Some Nallenart products contain explicitly Christian material. If this is unsuitable for your school, you are free to choose not to use those lessons.


In addition to providing curriculum, The Nallenart Curriculum Club is intended to foster a community where ideas can be shared and questions can be answered. It is my hope that these pages will be a valuable resource for teachers at all levels of experience.

How does The French Curriculum Club work?

Nallenart provides your school or homeschool with electronic access to a variety of resources to facilitate teaching French as a second language to students from the kindergarten level to high school.

First you create your new account. This enables you to access the free material available at the site. When you are ready to purchase, visit our shop for the appropriate curriculum courses for your students.

Included in your fee, or your school’s annual subscription, is the right to access all online resources pertaining to your course, plus the permission to duplicate exercise pages from the student workbooks, flashcards, and tests for the children in your classrooms or homeschool.

Why do I need to register to use the free resources?

You are required to register and sign in when you enter the site, even just to access the free resources. This keeps the site secure and helps the administrator keep track of site usage. You can also subscribe to our eZine for news about the site or your specific course, and helpful teaching tips.

Your personal information remains confidential. We will not sell or rent your email or otherwise abuse your confidence.

I am having trouble with the site. What should I do?

Please contact the administrator regarding any difficulties accessing materials or pages on the website. You are welcome to contact Nallenart using our convenient contact form.

Want a test drive? Join the club. Joining doesn’t cost a thing and enables you to access the free material available at the French Curriculum Club. If you are ready to buy, visit our shop for curriculum courses.

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