Troubleshooting Access Difficulties

“Help! I can’t access my downloads!”

Having trouble?
Use these questions to see how to solve access difficulties. These issues refer specifically to items purchased using the former French Curriculum Club links, and not the shop links which have replaced them.

Are you logged in?
If you are not logged in, the download buttons and links are invisible. You must be logged in to see and access your download links.

Are you using the same email address with Paypal?
If you create your account and login with Nallenart using one email address, and use a different email address with Paypal, our software will not recognize you as the owner of the product. You must login with the same email in both places. If it is too late, and you are having trouble, let me know and I will reassign your access manually.

Are you using Internet Explorer?
For some reason the site works better with newer browsers such as Chrome or Firefox. Try using a different browser.

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