L’Art de LIRE Workpages Level 4


Student Workbook for L'Art de LIRE Level Four – Hard Copy


L’Art de lire 4 is designed for beginning French students who have completed L’Art de lire 3. The grammar taught in this course corresponds to the Ontario, Canada expectations for Core French Curriculum for grade six (Core French/French as a second language).

The program is suitable, however, for older beginners. Even students who have had some French can benefit from the material taught in the early levels of L’Art de lire. Many students who have struggled with French in the classroom, or using other French programs for homeschooling, have found that the beginning levels of L’Art de lire have filled in the gaps and enabled them to understand and enjoy learning French.

The Student Workbook features a French-English glossary, easy to understand explanations of new grammar concepts, stories, and exercises.

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