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My designed-for-homeschool French curriculum is available at three levels:

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  • thang

    I’m Vietnamese, and my family will move to Quebec. I have 4 kids, aged 14, 11, 8 & 4. Their French is zero, and my competence is basic.
    I wish to teach French to them as much as possible before immigrating.
    Are your plans appropriate? Downloadables are preferred.
    Thank you & Looking forward to hearing from you soonest.
    David DOAN V. Thang

  • Denise Morgan

    I am teaching French 1 to High School students and I would like to know if your books would be helpful for this level. Thank you!

    • Norma

      Our high school level, L’Art d’Ecrire, assumes that students have prior French instruction. If your students are starting from the beginning, you can pull lessons from L’Art de Lire and fulfill your requirements by working your way up to the high school material.

  • D.

    I have a daughter in grade 8 and am now looking into highschool requirements for obtaining an OSSD. I have recently learned that she will need a grade 9 French credit to graduate in Ont. I have mistakenly not taught any French in our homeschooling this far! I’m concerned that I’ve made a big mistake! Should I still jump in and start with the beginning level French? Is there any way to fast track the curriculum? I appreciate any input/advice you may have for me!

    Thank you!

    • Norma

      I recommend you start at the beginning of L’Art de lire and just let her work through the program as fast as she can. Many parents have done this with great success. Listening to the audio files and going through the workbooks will give her a good preparation for high school level work. If you decide to homeschool your high school French course, L’Art d’ECRIRE contains documentation that shows how it fits the Ministry of Ed requirements for Grade 9 Core French in Ontario.

  • Heather

    Please add this student book to my first order placed moments ago, for one kit level one. I have two kids and think each will need a student text. Do you agree? I just don’t want to pay shipping for this one extra booklet when you could add it in with my first order. That ok to combine so that I only incur one shipping charge?
    Thanks, Heather

    • Norma

      Hi Heather. Yes, each student should have a workbook. I will refund the shipping charges for the second order and send it along with your first order.


    • nesler

      Hi Lesley. That’s a tough question to answer, as I’m not familiar with the NB curriculum. Level 6 is comparable to Grade 8 here in Ontario. As with anything else though, the level of accomplishment will depend on how much is put into practicing to attain mastery of the material.


  • jan brown

    Hello, I’m excited to get started with your French lesson I just ordered. I’m grateful for these lessons. However I’m not sure how to save the downloaded voice parts so we can continue listening. I listen to one of the downloads and they disappeared after. Can you help me on how to dl/save so I can have in/on my windows file?

    • nesler

      Hi Jan. If you right click on the link, a popup menu will appear. Click on the option “Save file as…” Be sure to remember the folder where you save the file. You should make a new folder just for your audio files. Hope this helps! 🙂


  • Diane Szijjarto

    Our homeschool support group in BC has purchased and used this curriculum. We would like to find another coop class elsewhere in Canada doing the same to create a penpal exchange. We have 20 students between grades 4 and 9. The correspondence will be in French!
    For more information please email

  • Tania Osmond

    Hi Norma,
    I am considering having my Grade 8 son complete L’Art de lire as fast (and as far) as he can before Grade 9. 🙂 He has been taking private French lessons at Alliance Francaise for the last year, but I think he is not getting a good foundation of vocabulary and structure. I speak basic French and he is actually quite good at reading. But his actual comprehension is low. Do you think he could just do the workbooks to fill in the gaps? What exactly is in the teacher’s books- just answers for the workbooks or more lessons? I have the Student Edition book 1. Are the other levels structured similarly? And do you have hard copies of these available (workbooks only) or are they only downloadable?
    Thanks for your help,

    • Norma Esler

      Hi Tania. I think your idea of letting your son go through the workbooks sounds great. It would be a good way to fill in any gaps and cement what he has already learned. The teacher’s edition is the same as the workbook only with the answers filled in. Levels 2-6 are similar to Level 1 in how the material is presented. I do have hard copies available, but there are shipping charges and the time for delivery to consider.

  • Amy T.

    I’ve been teaching a conversational french class to home schoolers this past year to middle school and high school students. I have used L’Art de Dire with them, but not methodically, and also adding my own material. I’m interested in using L’art de Lire with them next year but have a couple of concerns: I’m wondering if the presentation will feel young to them since it is geared for 3-8th graders. (My students are not ready for high school french or L’Art d’Ecrire) Also, I’d like to have an idea of how many levels would be reasonable to go through in 1 year. Is it meant to be used 1 level each year?

    • Norma Esler

      Hi Amy.

      Many older students have used L’Art de lire successfully so I don’t think the content will be an issue. Younger students will go through one or two levels in a year. You don’t say how often your class meets, but with older students you could easily spend just a month each on levels 1-3 and take the rest of the year to go as far as you want through the remaining material.

      Thank you for your interest in L’Art de lire. 🙂

  • Imani Anderson

    Hi, I am fluent in French. I speak, read, and write it. Will I still need to buy the teacher book and mp3s to effectively teach my children this curriculum? They have no experience with French.

    • Norma Esler

      Hi, Imani. You should be fine without the teacher key. The audio files are useful for review, but you can certainly take care of that on your own. Thank you for choosing Nallenart!

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