L’Art de DIRE gr K-3 Downloadable Lesson Plans with mp3’s

For children in grades K to three, L’Art de DIRE is a great introduction to learning French. Detailed lesson plans, reproducible teaching aids and a totally oral approach make this book ideal for teaching French to children who are not yet ready to learn to read in French.

  • Lesson plans are flexible to allow for daily, weekly or twice weekly lessons
  • Lesson plan pages are designed to facilitate frequent review, the key to success in language studies.
  • Projects and presentations for the children keep learning interesting.
  • Prepared tests make it easy to assess progress.
  • Reproducible picture cards and games make learning fun.
  • L’Art de DIRE includes ideas for bulletin boards.
  • Ideas are adaptable for home or classroom use.
  • Mp3 audio files introduce vocabulary and phrases.

ISBN 0-9689172-6-7

$29 USD

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