Why Don’t You Include Detailed Lesson Plans?

Occasionally I am asked why I don’t include detailed French lesson plans with L’Art de lire.

My observation is that the more complicated something is, the less likely people are to use it. That is why I have kept lesson planning simple and totally at the discretion of the teacher.

There is a twelve step lesson guideline page at the beginning of L’Art de lire 1. This brief overview is enough to get you started working through the book and using the teaching aids.

Use the vocabulary, audio, and story to introduce each unit.

Do the exercises in the workbook.

Use the flashcards, story, and audio to review.

It is as simple as that. If you have more time, do exercises and more review. If you have a little time, just read the story, listen to the story again, or review the flashcards.

Many parents have told me their children are teaching themselves with L’Art de lire. Because it is designed to be easy to use, there is no need for elaborate lesson plans.

Just jump in and have fun learning French!

Looking for more French lesson plan ideas?

Choose from the following activities. Pick one, or a few, depending on time.

  • Listen to the story on the CD.
  • Read the story aloud.
  • Write out the vocabulary.
  • Do an exercise.
  • Review the flashcards.
  • Write out the story.
  • Write out and illustrate the story.
  • Colour the story pictures.
  • Review the exercise pages on the CD.
  • Sort the flashcards by sound.
  • Sort the flashcards by gender of the nouns, masculine (le, un) or feminine (la, une).

Nallenart products make French lessons, and French lesson plans, easy and fun!

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