L’Art de lire began with my efforts to find a workable curriculum to teach French as a Second Language to my children in our homeschool. It expanded from the first little workbook and grew as I incorporated ideas developed from my classroom experience.

In addition to homeschooling my three children, I have taught French in the classroom and online with students ranging from grades 4 to 9. I offer seminars to homeschoolers and classroom teachers on various topics related to teaching French.

Nallenart is now meeting the needs of homeschooling families and classroom teachers around the world as we have recently celebrated 22 years of service. By offering digital curriculum delivery, Nallenart makes it even easier for French to be an interesting and rewarding educational experience for students of all ages.

A message from Norma Allen, founder of Nallenart and the author of L’Art de lire and other French as a Second Language material for homeschooling and classroom instruction.

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  1. Cheryl Peters

    I am homeschooling my 2 grandchildren, ages 9 and 11. We have done a bit of French together, but mostly they have been listening to Rosetta Stone (not the big version). I was hoping they could pick up something on their own without my guidance. How does your program work? Do I need to teach a lesson before they do their workbooks, or is the lesson on the computer? We’re on our 3rd French course (Petra Lingua, French Essentials), and I’m not doing very well teaching them.
    Will your course be easy for us to use?, Sincerely Cheryl


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