French Curriculum for Grades K to 9

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L’Art de DIRE > gr K-3 

For pre-readers and/or beginners in grades Kindergarten-3. A great introduction to learning French. Detailed lesson plans, reproducible teaching aids and a totally oral approach make this program ideal for teaching French to children who are not yet ready to learn to read in French. More Information

LArt de LIRE Levels 1-6

L’Art de LIRE > gr 3-8 

For readers and beginners in grades 3-8. L’Art de LIRE combines beginning conversational French with French phonics, enabling children to read simple stories in French from the first lesson. Includes verb conjugations, grammar. More Information


L’Art d’ÉCRIRE > gr 9 

For high school/secondary students who have completed L’Art de LIRE Level 6 or Grade 8 (Ontario) Core French or equivalent. In addition to grammar, vocabulary and exercises, students examine their likes and dislikes, the uniqueness of their personalities, and their hopes and dreams for the future. Includes an introduction to French literature. More Information

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  1. Sabrina Done

    Hi, I purchased the l’art-de-dire program in 2013. I haven’t used it for a few years but my next child is ready for the program. When I try to log in it says my email and user name is not registered?? Are you able to help me? Merci


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